Matt Gaetz Gets Shut Up After Yelling Over Hearing Like Spoiled Child


Matt Gaetz has been pulling his best bad boy behavior all morning in D.C. while Democrats are trying to hold serious hearings on the alleged impeachable offenses of Donald Trump. Republicans have been insistent that Trump has done nothing illegal, and this is all just an expensive witch hunt.

Gaetz made a fool of himself right out the gate Monday morning, as today’s hearing got underway. Gaetz tried to shout over Rep. Nadler, and got shut down fast. Now, he shouting again, and also again, it’s not ending well.

Gaetz just attacked witness Daniel Goldman after he asked what Doug Collins meant when he said that he needs to “be careful” when judging Sondland for donating $1 million to the Trump campaign, allegedly in order to get his diplomatic position.

Gaetz grew irate at the fact that Goldman asked such a thing, and flew off the handle in the middle of Collins’ questioning. Gaetz said this:

“We want Schiff in that chair, not you. The implication is that the person that wrote the report is the person that should come and present it. You weren’t elected by anybody and you’re here giving testimony in place of the chairman.”

People watching this video on Twitter are just as fed up with Matt Gaetz shenanigans as you are, and they let the president know just how they felt in the comment thread of the tweet. We saved the best reactions for you below: