Pelosi Honored With Standing Ovation As Trump Rages Illiterately


Sunday legislators and artists just came together for a special event. They brought a sense of well-being in this chaotic time. The evening highlighted those who have been changing our political environment. Typically, the Kennedy Center Honors have gone to nonpartisan artists. This evening, however, consisted of three hours of dancing, singing, and cheers. A respite.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wore a full-length gown. She waved to the audience her thanks for their standing ovation at the Kennedy Center Opera House.  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts stood by her side, the man who will preside over the impeachment trail.

LL Cool J hosted the event and gave his tribute to the arts. He said “we have to be mindful of this moment,” according to The New York Times:

‘We would hope that art would bring us together as a nation, and make us all a little closer. We don’t want to, by any means, undermine the freedoms of the artist to see challenging things and to speak their truth, but at the same time it’s nice to see people brought together.’

Actor Sally Feld won two Academy Awards and three Emmys, but she saw this award as different:

‘I’ve won a lot of awards in my life — this is just still so unique, and I just feel overwhelmed. And if that’s Tom Hanks over there. I’m going to die. Steven (Spielberg) is here, and Tom is here?. I think I have to go home now.’

Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony Michael Tilson Thomas was also honored. He said:

‘Every once in a while, artists have an opportunity to say something pithy, witty, even provocative. This is not the time.’

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