Fox News Host Pulls The Plug On McCarthy During On-Air Tantrum


As hard to believe as it is, Fox News actually gets weary of Republicans’ splashdowns into the never-ending pool of unreality. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) worked himself up into such a lather over the impeachment news, that he began repeating himself.

Craig O’Brien tweeted:

‘Kevin McCartrhy Went on Fox News to Make Up a New Bizarro Rule in Defense of Trump.

‘Apparently, the president can do whatever he wants in his first term and Congress can do nothing to stop him.’

McCarthy appeared in his press conference on Fox News and other cable outlets. He was talking to Fox News Bill Hemmer when he started repeating a line he must have really liked:

‘Back in 2016, Democrats called those who supported Donald Trump deplorable. And now, they’re trying to disqualify their votes.’

McCarthy was describing the president’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to Crooks and Liars:

‘Nothing on that phone call is wrong. If somebody is an elected official and they did something wrong but they run for another office, somehow what they did is not wrong anymore? We’re talking about the highest elected office in this land and in this entire world. They are so brazen that they will change the rule of law to impeach him.’

Then, the House minority leader noted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had slow-walked the North America-Mexico-Canada (NAMCA) Trade Agreement until the articles of impeachment were a go. He dove off of the deep end of the unreality pool:

‘She wished we’d go into a recession.’


After that, the Republican began a circular rant that fed off of his anger. He was responding to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s moments-earlier announcement of the article of impeachment against Donald Trump. The longer the McCarthy talked, the less sense he was making. That was when Fox cut him off.

Fox News Host Bill Hemmer interrupted McCarthy. Hemmer and commented that McCarthy had begun repeating himself:

‘(He) talked about deplorables at least three times.’

McCarthy even tweeted the deplorable line on his Twitter page as a screen-holder until his press conference started on Tuesday afternoon:

‘Back in 2016, Democrats called those who supported Donald Trump deplorable. And now, they’re trying to disqualify their votes.’

The minority leader tweeted:

‘In case it wasn’t already crystal-clear that this sham impeachment is all about politics… Democrat congressman and chief architect of their previous impeachment efforts: “it will not end if the Senate does not convict.”

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