Giuliani’s Hot, Young Spokeswoman Connected To Indicted Ukrainians


As personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani continues to face scrutiny over his role in the Ukraine scandal, he’s now facing scrutiny for a recent new hire — spokesperson Christianné Allen, who is just twenty years old and seems to have repeatedly either directly lied about her background and connections or benefited from others’ lies about them but, nevertheless, serves as a gatekeeper to one of the closest associates of the president of the United States.

On top of that — she’s an associate of a significant financial ally of a duo who’ve already faced criminal charges over an offshoot of the Ukraine scandal. In other words: the corruption continues, and on this corrupt basis, Allen is “selling access” to Giuliani through promoting his consulting business.

POLITICO has now revealed that apparently, Allen ended up an associate of lawyer Charles Gucciardo, who — years after the two first met — invested a whopping half a million dollars into a company that Giuliani’s now arrested henchmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were trying to develop. Although to be clear, Gucciardo has not been accused of any wrongdoing, Parnas and Fruman repeatedly used their companies as fronts for a federal campaign finance law violation scheme. That included the transfer of large amounts of money from a Russian businessman to U.S. politicians.

For his part, Gucciardo praised Allen and seemed to want to get the idea across that there’s nothing corrupt here — and, by extension, there was no corruption-servicing behavior inherent in Allen’s hire by Giuliani. Gucciardo had offered Allen an internship in his law office, and separately, he apparently knew Giuliani. He commented:

‘Christianné is a phenomenal young lady with tremendous potential in her career.’

Meanwhile, in a text, Giuliani complained to POLITICO:

‘Your article is so filled with lies and misinterpretations, it stands out as a [sic] now an almost routine left wing hit piece on an exceptionally talented and really fine Christian Conservative woman and strong supporter of President Trump. I’m disappointed that Politico is now joining the [sic] destroy the reputation of those the Left believes should not be entitled to support President Trump.’

He has again traveled to Ukraine recently, which Republican mega-donor and Trump supporter Dan Eberhardt suggested was ” like a murder suspect returning to the crime scene to live-stream themselves moon dancing” considering his attempts to procure Biden dirt that have helped spark the ongoing impeachment proceedings.

Outside of her connection to Gucciardo, Allen has apparently dived right in to some of the most rabidly supportive corners of Trump World. Besides volunteering for the Trump campaign in 2016, she’s repeatedly visited the White House, Trump’s hotel in D.C. — which has attracted steep criticism (and lawsuits) over its apparent role as a magnet for the money of people trying to gain favor with the president — and Allen was even “trailing Trump in Paris as he visited Emmanuel Macron,” POLITICO notes. Now, she even claims that she has already raised some $30,000 for the Trump Victory Committee, although a spokesperson declined to confirm that the claim was actually true, the publication adds.

Meanwhile, Giuliani’s foreign consulting work has already come under apparent federal criminal investigation. Just recently, federal authorities subpoenaed a variety of records while his associates Parnas and Fruman continue to face criminal charges.