Pelosi Issues Stern Tuesday Impeachment Defense As Donald Rages


This Tuesday, House Democrats publicly unveiled their formal articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, who they’re charging with abuse of power and obstruction of duly proceeding Congressional inquiry. As could be expected, Trump promptly began publicly freaking out via angry Twitter meltdowns — while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) promptly unveiled her own new defense of the process while speaking at Politico’s Women Rule summit this Tuesday. She insisted that at this point, the House would be neglecting its own duties if they failed to hold Trump accountable for his relentless affronts against national and global stability.

She shared:

‘I wish the president’s actions did not make it necessary, but he did, and we would be delinquent in honoring our oath of office if we did not impeach him for not honoring his oath of office.’

Indeed — no matter how fervently that the president shouts about the supposedly do nothing Dems or whatever else — they have passed large amounts of legislation that is beneficial for the American people even while investigating the president’s behavior. It’s not Congressional Democrats spending the bulk of their time in power obsessing over political opponents — that’s Trump, whose repeated demands for foreign election help have sparked the ongoing impeachment.

As Pelosi put it:

‘If we believe that our constitution is being violated, that our very Democracy is at stake… what are we there for? We take an oath to protect and defend. If we did not do that, we would be again, delinquent in our duties. So this isn’t about elections. It’s about the constitution.’

Republicans have insisted that Democrats are pursuing impeachment just because of political animosity against the president. Recently, a conservative reporter even asked Pelosi directly if she “hates” the president. In a response that just about couldn’t be any more clear, she insisted that she did not hate anyone, relying on her Catholic background for the foundation of that point, and told the reporter:

‘Don’t mess with me.’

Meanwhile, Trump has kept up his angry public complaints about the process, which he has refused to actually engage with beyond hurling insults from the sidelines, despite an invitation from the House Judiciary Committee for lawyers for the White House to participate in their recent public hearings.

Relying on outlandish exaggeration rather than even an attempt at facts, early this Tuesday, Trump complained:

‘To Impeach a President who has proven through results, including producing perhaps the strongest economy in our country’s history, to have one of the most successful presidencies ever, and most importantly, who has done NOTHING wrong, is sheer Political Madness! #2020Election’

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So in other words — when faced with impeachment, the best that the president can come up with is to basically puff out his chest and assert that he’s the greatest. That’s not exactly poised to come across as a solid defense in a no doubt soon upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate, where Republicans will get another chance to display their unwavering loyalty to Trump, as if we haven’t heard enough whining from Republicans already.