Republican ‘Rising Star’ Placed Under Arrest For Stalking


Given the mountain of corruption enveloping Mr. Trump, it is not surprising that his supporters are almost equally as corrupt as the man who now faces an imminent impeachment vote soon.

Republican House candidate Omar Navarro (R-CA) who ran against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was arrested Saturday on three felony charges. Republican 'Rising Star' Placed Under Arrest For Stalking Corruption Crime Election 2016 Election 2018 Election 2020 Politics Social Media Top Stories Twitter Videos Violence

According to The Daily Beast:

‘Businessman Omar Navarro has leveraged his frequent campaigns against Waters to become a prominent voice on the far-right, earning more than $1 million in campaign contributions and the backing of Trumpworld figures like controversial former sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Trump adviser Roger Stone, and Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn.’

Navarro lost both of his 2016 and 2018 runs against Waters by more than 50 percentage points each. Navarro intends to run again in 2020 even under mounting voter rejection.

He is now facing significant legal troubles related to stalking his ex-girlfriend. According to The Daily Beast:

‘San Francisco police arrested Navarro on Saturday night, after he was allegedly seen near ex-girlfriend DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero’s apartment.

‘Tesoriero, a self-styled MAGA relationship expert who is running a quixotic congressional run of her own against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), told The Daily Beast that she saw Navarro skulking outside her home late at night.’

Tesoriero said she then got a text saying:

‘Bitch, I came to see you.’

She said:

‘Clearly, he has a lot of screws loose. I think a lot of this power has gotten into his head. He has a lot of money now from campaign donations.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube