Clinton Upstages Trump With Snarky Impeachment Evidence Declaration


This week, House Democrats quickly moved towards formally approving formal articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump following weeks of private and public hearings collecting evidence of Trump’s scheme to exchange military aid for dirt on the Bidens from Ukraine. On Thursday, as the House Judiciary Committee completed their final rounds of debate before a committee approval that would send the articles of impeachment to the floor for a full House vote, Hillary Clinton herself tweeted a call for Americans to look at the evidence that’s been collected.

She included a link to a website ( that chronicles some of the saga that has led to the present point of the looming official impeachment of Donald Trump. As that website makes clear, the key points of the story of Trump’s quid pro quo plot have been supported by ample witness testimony from figures who’ve worked in the Trump administration.

Clinton shared:

‘Make sure your family and friends see the evidence for themselves: The president asked a foreign power to interfere in the 2020 election for his own political gain. Americans deserve free and fair elections. He must be held accountable.’

Now, Trump is facing articles of impeachment including charges of abuse of power and obstructing duly proceeding Congressional inquiry. His scheme to get Biden dirt from Ukraine included bribery, extortion, and corrupt attempts to benefit from foreign power meddling in U.S. elections. As Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) have noted, Trump’s behavior is a threat to American democracy and global stability.

Attempted defenses from the president and his supporters in response to all of this have grown increasingly frenzied. For instance, Trump spent a few hours on early Thursday morning tweeting or retweeting quite literally almost one hundred messages, the vast majority of which were attempts at defending him against the impeachment case. Congressional Republicans have touted four specific points in their attempted defense of Trump, including pointing out that Trump has said he didn’t do anything wrong. In other words, Republicans would like House Democrats’ duly proceeding investigation to grind to a halt just because the target said he’s innocent. That’s not how it works!

Check out Twitter’s response to Clinton below…