Giuliani Comes Unglued During Impeachment Hearing With Multi-Tweet Freakout


This week, House Democrats publicly unveiled their articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, including charges of abuse of power and obstruction of duly proceeding Congressional inquiry. As his main client continues to face that looming indictment of his presidential legacy, personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani took to Twitter this Wednesday with a string of bad faith complaints about the process that made him look only increasingly unhinged. Despite his claims, in reality, evidence implicating Trump in a scheme to exchange dirt on the Bidens from Ukraine for military aid has continued to accumulate.

Still, in Giuliani’s apparent estimation, the president and his supporters are the true victims in this situation.

He ranted:

‘At a time when Congress is undertaking perhaps it’s most sacred duty, Democrats give Republicans a measly 2 hours to review and present additional amendments to their absurd “articles” for impeachment. Democrats are in a frenzy because public opposition continues to rise. Despite the swamp media lying constantly, 51% of Americans reject this attempted coup. @realDonaldTrump is at work everyday for the American people, despite the complete obstruction by Democrats.’

Did Republicans suddenly forget that the Congressional process includes the chance for amendments? They can’t exactly blame Democrats for their own lack of preparation for the process, which has been clearly established up to this point. Although an isolated poll here and there might show a razor slim majority of Americans against impeachment, on average, RealClearPolitics notes that it’s the other way around.

Still, the victim complex continues. To that end, he also tweeted that an incident when a teacher “allegedly tried to rip” a Women for Trump button from a student’s shirt was indicative of some wider trend of supposed attacks on Trump-supporting students, although there’s no immediately apparent evidence for this.

He also replied to a conservative commentator who flatly falsely said that all of the allegations against Trump from the Russia scandal to now have been false. That commentator criticized mainstream media sources for running with the allegations anyway — although again, the some half a dozen associates of the president who’ve faced criminal charges stemming from the Russia investigation alone don’t exactly suggest a sham operation. Giuliani could be next — he’s reportedly under wide-ranging federal investigation including his overseas, globe-spanning consulting work.

He tweeted that media coverage of all of this is supposedly:

‘Yet another example of the Double Standard which pervades our media and infects and intimidates enforcement of our laws.’

Whatever you say, criminal-in-waiting.

Check out Twitter’s response below…