GOP Attempts Thursday Impeachment Hearing Trick But Fails Miserably


This is what history in the making looks like. The House Judiciary Committee led by Representative Jerrold (Jerry) Nadler (D-NY) began the article of impeachment televised hearing of Donald J. Trump. He began with opening statements from each member last night. Thursday morning the committee met to begin working on any amendments to those articles of impeachment. The meeting started off with an explosion.

The Republicans wanted to delay the hearing until the minority members on the committee had its own hearing. Nadler examined the history of minority hearings, noting they had not historically been held, because they have shown the Republicans’ strategy of delaying and clouding the issue. He said:

‘There is no precedent for the use of minority days to delay committee legislative or impeachment proceedings. It is clear from the legislative history that the minority day rule is not intended to delay legislative activity.’

The committee chair reminded the committee and the televised audience of Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) who requested in 2005. As a result, the GOP managed to sabotage the hearing:

‘In 2005, then-chairman Sensenbrenner scheduled the minority day hearing, but cut off witnesses, shut off the microphones, shut off the lights and abruptly ended the hearing while members were seeking recognition to speak. No one in the then-majority argued in favor of protecting our rights. There is no precedent supporting the gentleman’s point of order. I do not sustain the point of order.’

The Judiciary Committee has commonly heard the facts and legal expert testimony. Beginning with the minority leader Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) led his locked-in-step GOP on its tactical efforts of grievances, distractions, and victimhood.

There were no fact witnesses, because POTUS refused to allow them to testify, all of them. Some appeared before the House Intelligence Committee, putting their jobs in jeopardy. There were no papers addressed in the Judiciary Committee, because Trump refused to allow even one page.

The Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee refused to accept Nadler’s point of view. Instead, they forced a roll call vote with the purpose of tabling their motions.

Check out the video below.

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