Eric Trump Tweets During Impeachment Vote & Instantly Regrets It


The Trumps’ attempts at defending President Donald Trump against the impeachment case that Democrats have built just keep getting more laughably outlandish. This Friday, Eric Trump took to Twitter to tout a stock market spike in the middle of the House Judiciary Committee’s approval of articles of impeachment against the president, and Eric ignored the fact that the investing confidence driving that jump may be stemming from — wait for it — his dad’s impeachment. In other words, Eric’s desperate distraction gambit is coming up quite short, yet again, while Democrats keep fast approaching making Donald Trump the third U.S. president to be impeached.

Alongside a screenshot he seems to have taken depicting slight spikes in the stock market, Eric — who supposedly has a family business to run — wrote:

‘It must really infuriate the Democrats that in the middle of this impeachment nonsense, the stock market is off to another record day!’

First of all — as has been noted elsewhere in response to Republicans resorting to other similarly positive economic metrics as supposed proof of their success (or something), the numbers could not be as good as they are today without the improvements hosted under the leadership of President Barack Obama. Unemployment rates didn’t suddenly start improving the moment that Trump took office — and besides, some aspects of the economy aren’t even improving over Obama-era levels at all. Economic growth is about on par with previous levels.

Some metrics are even worse. Despite past Republican complaints about supposed Democrat-led overspending, the federal deficit and debt have both ballooned. In other words, an isolated instance of those wealthy enough to have investments in the stock market getting a slight boost for their bank account does not erase a whole host of other lingering economic issues that Trump’s ready to ignore. Although a “phase one” trade deal between the U.S. and China was apparently (again) agreed to this week, U.S. business interests have even already suffered losses from the tough import taxes Trump has imposed.

Additionally — Eric’s post does not erase the facts of his dad’s impeachment. The House Judiciary Committee has now approved the articles of impeachment, which include charges of abuse of power and obstructing duly proceeding Congressional inquiry. A full House vote on and presumed approval of the articles of impeachment will take place next week.

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