Greta Thunberg Tweets New Anti-Trump Response Statement


Following her receipt of the 2019 Person of the Year award from TIME magazine, Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has faced bizarre criticism from President Donald Trump and his supporters. This Thursday, Trump complained that the award was “so ridiculous” and mockingly said that Thunberg, who’s publicly spoken about the dangers of human-sparked climate change many times, should “chill.” Now, Thunberg has responded, although without mentioning Trump by name. As the president’s team’s whining still circulates, she posted a statement to Twitter on Thursday defending her cause as above petty partisan politics, at least ideally — which is, of course, the polar opposite of Trump.

Thunberg shared:

‘I’m sometimes called ”political”. But I’ve never supported any political party, politician or ideology. I communicate the science and the risks of failing to act on it. And the fact that the politics needed don’t exist today, neither to the right, left nor center. If anyone thinks that what I and the science are saying is advocating for a political view – then that says more about that person than about me. That being said – some are certainly failing more than others.’

Looking at you, Trump and the Republican Party, who still struggle to acknowledge the basic reality of a dangerously changing climate driven by human activity. In addition to this, Thunberg had already responded to Trump by jokingly putting his mocking description of her in her Twitter bio. Unlike Trump, she’s not intimidated.

Thunberg’s Twitter message mirrors comments she gave at the United Nation’s climate change summit this week in Madrid, where she denounced world leaders for participating in “clever accounting and creative PR” instead of the systematic change needed to preserve the environment.

Check out Twitter’s response to her de facto Trump rebuke below…