Trump Devolves Into Desperate Ego-Driven Saturday AM Rant


With days to go until he’s officially impeached by the full House and then faces a trial in the Senate, President Donald Trump is still desperately trying to convince observers that he’s innocent despite the mountains of evidence that publicly implicates him in a quid pro quo plot. He tried to exchange military aid for dirt on the Bidens from Ukraine, and now he’s facing accountability — no matter how many witnesses whose testimony he blocks. Early this Saturday, Trump posted an angry rant to Twitter about GOP electoral chances in the wake of impeachment. He melodramatically confidently insisted that Dems will struggle and he’ll succeed — but we’ll see about that.

He posted a completely baseless quote:

‘Independent voters are fed up and frustrated with the Democrats.” Congressman Michael Waltz, Florida’

He also posted a lengthy quote from a member of his campaign’s advisory board, Jason Meister:

‘There are 31 House Democrats in Trump won Congressional Districts. Those Dems will have to answer to their constituents come 2020. If you look at the facts, there’s no crime, there’s no witness, there’s no evidence, there’s no victim, President Zelensky said there was absolutely no pressure. I don’t know of any crime that was committed where the actual victim wasn’t aware of it….and, they got the call, they got the meeting, and they got the money. Unbelievably, the Democrats have weaponized the Impeachment process, they have trampled on our Constitution, and they have done irreparable harm to our Republic. The American people are going to speak up and speak out about this. I think this guarantees Trump’s re-election in 2020.’

Apparently, they’re just trying to will those things into existence, because the actual evidence of the situation dramatically counters their claims. Trump consistently loses by large margins when pitted against leading Democratic presidential candidates in polls measuring possible general election match-ups. In the meantime, Americans are about evenly split on impeachment, but Trump’s team certainly does not have a consistent majority on their side.

And that doesn’t even cover the Ukraine quid pro quo plot evidence. Trump insider and E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland publicly told Congress that yes, there was a quid pro quo — an attempted exchange of dirt for aid — and that’s still not enough for Trump to admit wrongdoing. Now, it’s all coming to a head with the looming full House vote on impeachment.

Check out Twitter’s response below…