Trump Flies Out Of Bed For Impeachment-Sized Weekend Tantrum


The president of the United States is currently on an innocence campaign that no truly innocent man would ever have to go on, and with each passing day, his stress level and handling of the impeachment proceedings against him, get more and more loud. Saturday is no different. Regardless of it only being 10 days until Christmas, the president is full of treasons greetings on Twitter. Like these ones he’s currently posting.

After watching the disgraceful way that a wonderful man,@BrettKavanaugh, was treated by the Democrats, and now seeing first hand how these same Radical Left, Do Nothing Dems are treating the whole Impeachment Hoax, I understand why so many Dems are voting Republican!

Then the president retweeted these gems just minutes ago:

People responding to the embarrassing display on Twitter had plenty to say about the president’s first tweet about Brett Kavanaugh, and who could blame them? Kavanaugh had so many allegations against him that he never even should have been considered for a Supreme Court seat, but Republicans pushed him through and Democrats fought it with a whimper.

Check out what people are saying in the comment section of the tweet below: