Trump Hit With Backlash After Braggy Appearance To Navy Locker


Trump spends his days and nights trying to convince people that he does selfless things for the sake of this country and the people serving it. After three years in office, the president just went overseas to visit deployed troops on Thanksgiving, in what many people are calling a political stunt to garner empathy in the 2020 election.

The People continue to let the president know that his behavior is transparent and obvious after years of braggadocios antics backed by absolutely no acts of kindness. And when Trump just tweeted a video of him visiting the Navy locker room before the Army vs. Navy game happening Saturday, people were ready and armed with some pretty good responses.

Check out the tweet below:

While this is clearly just another thing Trump knows he has to do in order to be seen as a true leader, but it’s quite clear that he loves the attention regardless. Trump was met with applause at the game, but the reaction to this video on Twitter was quite the opposite.

Check out the best comments left on the tweet below: