Trump Mocked Saturday After Embarrassing Himself On Twitter


The president will do anything to make people think that he is the victim of a targeted coup hellbent on destroying his life and sending him to prison for no reason other than because he was elected president in 2016. While most Americans understand just how far-fetched this accusation has to be and how bloated a person’s head has to be to think he’s that special, almost half of the country still backs Donald Trump regardless of the countless criminal accusations against him.

Trump has spent his entire presidency claiming that the fake news media was attempting to smear him with totally unfounded claims seemingly out of nowhere, but now that Democrats have taken him on, Trump has apparently shifted his hatred towards them, now claiming that it is Democrats, not the media, behind the “witch hunt.”

Check out the ridiculous video in which Trump paid actors to pretend to be actual voters who support him. It’s pretty hilarious.

No one is buying the rhetoric on Twitter, where many sensible people turned against the president years ago.People are actually downright flabbergasted that Trump is continuing his ridiculous campaign of innocence regardless of the trove of evidence against him.

You can see the top comments in the comment thread of Trump’s tweet below: