Jim Jordan’s Trove Of Trump/GPS Fusion Lies Exposed


What is Fusion GPS? It is a company that prepares data. They were hired to produce the Steele report. The MI6 British spy prepared a report about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia, dubbed the “Steele Dossier.” This report was no more than raw data about the U.S. president. Thus far, it has not been verified.

This information was the spark that ignited a hot investigation into Trump’s Russian ties. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) announced that he was the one who leaked the dossier.

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The host of AM Joy started her show with a clip of Jordan going off during the impeachment hearings. In the clip, the Ohio representative was irate. He claimed that the guy who wrote the report was “desperate to stop Trump:”

‘The guy who wriote the dossier was, quoted saying he was, ‘desperate to stop Trump. He insisted the FBI used a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and did not explain to the court that the pearson responsibility for writing the dossier was actually working foo’ The dossier they are using to get a warrant to further spy on the Trump campaign didn’t tell the court the guy who wrote the dossier was working for the Clinton campaign.”

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Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson smiled, as the MSNBC host corrected Jordan. Joy Reid said:

‘If anything, He [Steele] was favorably disposed toward the Trump family before he began his research because he visited a Trump family member at Trump Tower and had been friendly with the family member for some years. He described their relationship as personable and gifted the family a tartan. Do you know who that family member is? There’s been speculation and it sounds like the person who originally funded the Steele research and Steele himself were basically pro-Trump or pro-Republican at least.”

Simpson said they thought it was the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump. He intimated that her relationship with the Mi6 spy [Steele]  was not especially innocent. Simpson said:

‘Yeah, you know, we all think it’s Ivanka Trump, and I think it’s more an acquaintanceship than a friendship.’

Check out the AM Joy interview below:

The featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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