New Sunday Impeachment Poll Sends Trump Into A Frenzy


 The House and the Senate are more divided than they have ever been. This is tragic given that they need to work together to remove a dangerous president. The issue is not red or is it blue. This is an American problem. So how are they going to handle it?

Perhaps, these feuding factions should listen to their voters. A new Fox News poll was released on Sunday. It discovered that 50 percent of American voters believe Donald J. Trump should be not only impeached but also removed from office.

Just four percent were for impeachment but leaving the president in office. Then, 41 percent opposed the impeachment altogether.

Interestingly enough, those numbers have remained almost totally the same since late October. Then, 49 percent of voters were for impeachment and removal. The same four percent wanted impeachment but not removal. Then, 41 percent of the interviewees were against the impeachment of any sort.

The House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff spent two weeks holding public hearings with current and former government officials, appointed by Trump. When Nixon had public hearings the visuals made a world of difference in the public’s eyes. In rhis instance however, most members of the public appears to have already made up their minds.

After those hearings, Trump’s approval rating did move upward somewhat. It moved from 42 percent to 45 person with a 53 percent disapproval rating. The public’s opinion was about the same in January 2019, 43 percent were for Trump and 54 were against him.

There were no surprises regarding party lines. Among Democrats, 85 percent approved of the impeachment and removal of POTUS. A full 84 percent of the GOP members were against it. Among independents, there were some interesting changes. From October to November’s polls, the number supporting impeachment rose seven percent, all the way up to 45 percent from October.

The poll was taken between December 8 and December 11 working with Beacon Research and Show & Co. A random sampling of 1000 randomly selected and interviewed registered voters. The poll had a margin of voters

The poll was conducted between Dec. 8 and Dec. 11 in partnership with Beacon Research and Shaw & Co. They surveyed 1,000 registered voters. The margin of error was 3+/- percentage points.

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