Trump Delivers Embarrassing Monday Pre-Dawn Twitter Outburst


How is Donald Trump handling his impeachment? Not well. Counsel to the President Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News to bolster his mood. Unfortunately for him, the American people have caught onto one of his favorite tricks: create a mess, fix it more or less (usually much less), and claim a victory. Then, too, even the most loyal Trump talking head Conway cannot lift his mood, because it has been too heavy for a human being to move. Take this for example.

The president of these United States has not been able to get his mind off of that impeachment, which has been only the third in the history of the country. As MSNBC’s Morning Joe”s host, Joe Scarborough said:

‘It will be the first line of his obituary.’

The man who occasionally sits in the Oval Office tweeted the opposite of what he really believed:

‘The American people see through it.’

Then, he retweeted a modified picture of House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) along with this:

Alright, let’s see some MEME’s for social media! Ya never know, one could end up on @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Let’s go, fire away here:

The president also retweeted a smear of Schiff and House Judiciary Chair Jerrold (Jerry) Nadler (D-NY):

From Day 1, Schiff and Nadler have ignored the truth in order to smear @realDonaldTrump. Their partisan impeachment sham doesn’t hold any water, and the American people can see that!’

Next, he retweeted about Kellyanne’s appearance on Fox:

‘.@KellyannePolls is spot on: “This is one of the most successful weeks of the @realDonaldTrump presidency.”


China trade deal

National Defense Authorization Act

Paid family leave’

Then, the president yelled at his public:

‘READ THE TRANSCRIPTS! The Impeachment Hoax is the greatest con job in the history of American politics! The Fake News Media, and their partner, the Democrat Party, are working overtime to make life for the United Republican Party, and all it stands for, as difficult as possible!’

Then, he retweeted:

‘Approval Rating in Republican Party = 95%, a Record! Overall Approval Rating = 51%. Think of where I’d be without the never ending, 24 hour a day, phony Witch Hunt, that started 3 years ago!’

Twitter world went crazy. Check some of our favorites out below:

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