Melania Hit With Backlash After Silence Over Trump’s Personal Attacks


Generally speaking, any U.S. president’s children are off-limits even when they are in college. Donald Trump’s adult children, especially the oldest three jet around the world making business deals and hunting endangered animals as the Secret Service come along to guard them. Ivanka Trump works in the White House, and Don Jr. works as the president’s lead act at the campaign rallies. Yet, there is a delicate dilemma regarding POTUS’ youngest child.

First Lady Melania Trump has been a big advocate against cyberbullying, which felt strange, because her husband may be the biggest cyberbully of all.

Melania Trump criticized a witness in the impeachment hearings for making a wordplay on her son’s name. Nearly immediately after, the woman apologized profusely. Both actions felt right and honorable in a town where honor sometimes has been scarce. President Harry Truman once remarked that if a person wanted a friend in Washington, he should get a dog.

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Then, Melania’s husband cyberbullied 16-year-old Greta Thunberg when the extraordinary young environmentalist made the cover of The Time magazine as person of the year. The president was jealous. He had lobbied the magazine’s editor for that position and lost. Then, the first lady was criticized for refusing to release a statement condemning her husband for that.

Wednesday night, Trump invoked the name of his third son and youngest child according to The International Business Times. The eldest three children have one mother. The fourth child, a young woman in college, and her mother live in California. The first couple’s youngest child was the only one they had together. Although just 13-years-old, he now stands inches taller than his father.

As news of his impeachment washed over Trump at his Michigan campaign reelection rally, people criticized the president for speaking about this son. For instance Twitter user @jsavite tweeted:

‘At Trump’s rally just now – he said he could send his son Barron to Central Park and he’d get a bigger crowd than the Democrats. So, Melania was lying when she said a 13-year-old child deserves privacy from the political theater?’

Screen-Shot-2019-12-19-at-1.16.12-PM Melania Hit With Backlash After Silence Over Trump's Personal Attacks Child Abuse Election 2020 Featured Feminism Top Stories

CNN reporter Donald Dale tweeted:

‘Trump invokes his son, saying that Elizabeth Warren had a big crowd in New York but Barron Trump could go into Central Park and get the same or a bigger crowd though he’s 13. (Melania Trump scolded a professor for briefly mentioning Barron in impeachment testimony).’

The Variety publication just wrote about a screenplay that centered around the president’s youngest son at age 10. The screenplay made the industry’s Black List. This is an online yearly survey that features Hollywood’s most popular unpublished screenplays.

The screenplay was about the youngest son sabotaging his father’s 2016 presidential campaign. It is:

‘A Tale of Love, Loss & Legacy” by screenwriter Nicolas Curcio has rated on the annual Black List, a ranking of Hollywood’s best unproduced scripts, which is conducted by surveying 250 top film executives.’

In his screenplay, the writer imagined a president’s 10-year-old child:

‘[F]earing the devastating impact that his father’s presidency would have on his personal life, his country and the world at large. He sets out to sabotage his father’s 2016 campaign.’

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