Anti-Whistleblower GOP Rep. Joins Whistleblower Protection Caucus


One lone individual had the courage to step up and do his/her patriotic duty — becoming the first whistleblower in the Trump administration. Any time Trump is hit, he likes to hit back 10 times harder, especially when that person is not a person of power equal to him. By the way, 45’s fear-mongering includes nearly all of the Republicans in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Donald Trump really has it in for this whistleblower.

Truthfully, the president wields an almost unimaginable power. The president has misused that power for terrible acts. Yet, this one lone person, who has been working for the government, has gone up against Trump. Certainly, courage is not usually the absence of fear. Rather, it being fearful yet acting in spite of that fear, then dealing with the consequences of their choice.

A lawyer representing the whistleblower, whose courageous act kicked off the president’s impeachment inquiry, tweeted one powerful question:

Why is Sen @MarshaBlackburnstill member given her hostility towards #WBers?”

Attorney for the first whistleblower to be involved in the Trump impeachment inquiry Mark Zaid tweeted that the Whistleblower Protection Caucus still included Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). He tweeted:

Sen #Whistleblower Protection Caucus was launched by bipartisan group in 2015 to raise awareness of need for adequate protections against retaliation for govt employees who call attention to wrongdoing. Why is Sen @MarshaBlackburnstill member given her hostility towards #WBers?’

The attorney was referring to a Blackburn tweet on November 22. In it, she named an individual as “the whistleblower’s handler,” Lt. Colonial Alexander Vindman.

Threats travel against those who dare to publicly deny the president Republicans both in the Congress and Trump followers criticized the whistleblower for remaining anonymous. That individual’s professional supporters, those in Congress, and those living throughout the country have been laser-focused on unveiling the identity of the whistleblower.

Many Republicans criticized the anonymous whistleblower, whose complaint eventually led to the impeachment inquiry into Trump and called on the person to testify.

Bipartisan Senators came together in 2015 and revealed the Whistleblower Protect Caucus. I’t goals are to:

‘Foster bipartisan discussion on legislative issues affecting the treatment of whistleblowers and serve as a clearinghouse for current information on whistleblower developments of interest.’

The independent U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)t created in 1974, regulates the U.S.stock market. Ir awarded the whistleblower one million dollars for information, according to David Lieberman, an experienced litigator and former prosecutor, represents whistleblowers asserting fraud under the False Claims Act.

This year the very outspoke Senator joined the group in 2019.  Twitter world went wild at such outrageous activity. Check out some of the threats that went to the people who went after the Senate’s whistleblower.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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