Former White House Official Sues Trump For Discrimination


As the 2020 presidential election keeps getting closer and President Donald Trump keeps desperately trying to turn attention to supposed scandals of his opponents, litigation implicating his own team keeps piling up. Now, former Trump campaign staffer A.J. Delgado has filed a lawsuit accusing the Trump campaign of pregnancy and sex discrimination over getting apparently completely left out of official duties following her announcement of a pregnancy. She’d gotten pregnant with the married, then-senior Trump campaign staffer Jason Miller, but Delgado’s lawsuit focuses on her inexplicable, sudden exclusion from her official duties.

The discrimination apparently began about six weeks after Trump’s surprise 2016 election victory. Considering the president’s own repeated public objectification and belittling of women, that kind of discrimination fits right in with the behavior of the man in charge.

Delgado’s lawsuit reads:

‘Immediately after Plaintiff Delgado announced her pregnancy, the Campaign and TFA, including Spicer, Bannon and Priebus, Plaintiff’s supervisors, stripped Plaintiff of her job responsibilities and duties throughout for the remainder of her employment from late December of 2016 and through the Inauguration in late January of 2017… Plaintiff was excluded from participating in the communications work of the Inauguration or in any capacity, even though she was still formally part of the Communications Transition team.’

The material also notes that following her pregnancy announcement, Delgado apparently “immediately and inexplicably stopped receiving emails and other communications from the Campaign and TFA, including about projects on which she was currently working.”

Besides the Trump campaign itself and the president, her lawsuit also names Trump’s transition organization “Trump for America” and former Trump aides Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon as defendants. All of them left the president’s service under less than ideal circumstances — Spicer resigned when Trump brought on the incendiary Anthony Scaramucci as a communications staffer, Priebus was fired via tweet and abruptly removed from the presidential motorcade, and Bannon has faced outlandish insults from the president since his departure.

Meanwhile, Miller had actually been set to work in the Trump White House as a communications director, but he was replaced after a report came out detailing his affair with Delgado. He took a job as a conservative commentator for CNN, but he left that network after an accusation came out that he’d slipped an abortion pill to a woman with whom he was having an affair. Miller filed a libel lawsuit against the website that originally published that claim, and, concurrently, the Trump team has also filed suit in an attempt to keep Delgado quiet about her time on the campaign.

The Trump 2020 campaign has long kicked into high gear at this point. Faced with a lack of legislative developments that are helpful for average Americans, almost all of the Trump campaign’s television ads this year have focused on whining about impeachment. These ads have not featured the ample publicly available evidence explicitly implicating the president in a plot to bribe Ukraine into producing dirt on his domestic political rivals in exchange for military aid and a summit in D.C.