NY Times Discovers Gruesome New Details About Eddie Gallagher


It wasn’t long ago that President Trump pardoned a sick and sadistic war criminal named Eddie Gallagher, and people are nowhere near forgetful when it comes to the heinous crimes he was found to have committed while serving the country overseas. Possibly the most despicable things people saw him do, was to stab a young teen in the throat and laugh while he died on the ground.

Now, however, new accounts of Gallagher’s brutality has hit media waves, and the details are more disturbing that we ever knew.

NY Times has released a group of video interviews from former or current Navy SEALs, who saw firsthand things that Gallagher did that the public is not yet aware of.

According to The Times:

Combat video, text messages and confidential interviews with members of the Navy SEALs obtained by The New York Times reveal chilling details about the conduct of Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, a bona fide badass with a chest full of medals.

Trained as a medic, sniper and explosives expert, Gallagher was the consummate leader of Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 7, part of the Navy’s elite commando force. But when his own men said he committed war crimes, it sent shock waves up the chain of command — reaching all the way to the commander in chief.

Gallagher’s case continues to roil the Navy even after his acquittal on the most severe charges, and the public debate on Fox News and Twitter has widened the rift between President Trump and some top military leaders.

What exactly happened in Iraq in 2017 that so alarmed Gallagher’s brothers in arms? And why has the case resonated with Trump and his political base?

The episode of This Week will be available February 2nd on FX and you can watch now on Hulu, but the NY Times has decided to reveal a little bit about the startling episode ahead of time:

members of SEAL Team 7 tell Navy investigators that Gallagher was a reckless leader with a disturbing hunger for violence. They say they spent much of their time protecting Iraqi civilians from their battle-crazed chief instead of going after ISIS. And never-before-released video from the SEALs’ deployment shows Gallagher kneeling beside a defenseless ISIS captive moments before Gallagher plunged his knife into the prisoner’s neck.

Trump was so hellbent on pardoning Gallagher that he even fired Naval Secretary Richard Spencer for trying to stop the president from intervening in a case that he knew little to nothing about. The president did what he wanted instead, forcing member of Gallagher’s SEAL team to come forward with the heart-wrenching stories of the SEAL with a thirst for violence and a craving for foreigner blood.

The Navy wanted Gallagher expelled for his brutal behavior, but the president also halted that attempt, and Gallagher is now returned will full honors and living his best life on the government dime for his little safari tot he Middle East in which he seemed to have hunted human beings.