Racist White Woman Caught On Camera Being Disgusting


No matter the volume of the chants trying to convince us all that racism isn’t a thing to be worried about anymore, it keeps rearing its ugly and virulent head. Now, a white woman has gone viral for having a racism-fueled, full-blown public freakout over an apparent parking space dispute in what’s apparently Ontario, Canada. In the video, which was taken by the target of the racist woman’s ire, the offender veers all over the place. She called her victim a “fucking chink,” mocked her background, her language, and more.

She even apparently called the police on the victim, although the video that her target took clearly shows that for a significant period, all the Chinese victim was doing was standing there and filming. Considering the volume and intensity of the racist woman’s freakout, the target might have thought that she’d need to use the video as some kind of evidence in the future! There was clear physical danger; in the video, the racist attempts to smack the phone out of her target’s hand, and then in a frenzy, she lunges for the target again — although that time, she (as can be pretty clearly ascertained from the video) stuck her leg out to block the assailant. At that point, the still frothing racist woman said she was going to call the police and have her victim charged for, uh… sticking her leg out.

Some person can be heard begging the screaming racist to stop, but she does not. In the video, the racist woman screams:

‘Guess what — even in China they have signal lights!.. You kick me? You kick me? Yeah, I’ll take those fucking glasses off your face and shove em through your [ass]. That’s what you do when you have a signal! You see a signal? You see a signal? It’s called, you use it! Are you gonna tape me? Tape me, I don’t care! Tape me all you want! Get my phone, I’m going to call 911 and I’m going to tell em that she kicked me. You kicked me! I’m going to call 911, and I’m going to have you charged… You just kicked me right here bitch!’


It’s amazing that in all of that the one moment of hesitation that the racist screamer had was on the word “ass,” which she communicated by pointing to her own backside.

This incident is not the first recent occasion on which a video of a rabid anti-racist tirade by some white Canadian has gone viral. Repeatedly, attackers have demanded that their targets “go back to China.”

After one such incident involving an altercation in a Richmond, Canada, parking lot that went viral on social media, there was an investigation by local authorities — which shines a light on just how serious the similar rhetoric from Donald Trump really is. He claimed that some Congresswomen who “originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” Three out of four of his targets were in reality not even born outside of the United States. It’s just racism.