Biden Makes Obama SCOTUS Appointment Statement


Although President Donald Trump is now impeached, the Republicans in the Senate who are chomping at the bit to acquit the president have those concerned with holding Trump accountable looking to the 2020 election. Former Vice President and repeated target of Trump’s ire Joe Biden remains a frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary race, and at a recent campaign stop in Iowa, he made an Obama appointment announcement that’s likely to set Trump off if he hears of it. Asked if he’d ever appoint Barack Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court, Biden said that he actually would, if the former president would accept it.

Reporter Ken Thomas shared:

‘Biden asked here in Washington, Iowa, if he would ever nominate former President Obama to serve on the Supreme Court. “If he’d take it, yes,” Biden says.’

Trump has already gotten to place two justices on the Supreme Court, one of whom replaced the deceased Antonin Scalia following Republican efforts to block then-President Obama from filling the seat and the other one of whom replaced the now retired Anthony Kennedy. Other high profile judicial appointments could be on the horizon — and Trump has even already gotten to place hundreds of judges across the federal judiciary.

It’s one front of many for the fight against the belligerence of the president and his policies. In 2020, the Supreme Court will actually take up yet another round of cases involving Trump. This time, the focus will be on whether he has to release his tax returns, which investigators looking into fraud allegations have been after.