Latest Data Shows Trump’s EPA Worst Since George W. Bush


Mr. Trump has quickly become the worst president in history when it comes to environmental matters and arguably the worst when it comes to anything. Over the holiday, new figures were released showing that the Trump administration has built up the biggest backlog of Superfund cleanup projects in the last 15 years.

This amount is triple the number that were stalled for lack of funding during Obama’s tenure. According to the Associated Press:

‘The accumulation of Superfund projects that are ready to go except for money comes as the Trump administration routinely proposes funding cuts for Superfund and for the EPA in general. The four-decade-old Superfund program is meant to tackle some of the most heavily contaminated sites in the U.S. and Trump has declared it a priority even while seeking to shrink its budget.’ Latest Data Shows Trump's EPA Worst Since George W. Bush Corruption Domestic Policy Donald Trump Environment Social Media Top Stories Twitter Videos

Violet Donoghue, who has lived for 31 years on Bon Brae Street in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, said:

‘There hasn’t been a sense of urgency.’

She went on to say:

‘I feel many people have been harmed, but that’s only my opinion. Now when they say they’re cleaning it, I say “OK, give me the date.”‘

The unfunded projects are in 17 states and Puerto Rico, and include abandoned mines that discharged heavy metals arsenic in the West, an old wood pulp site in Mississippi, and a defunct dry cleaner that released toxic solvents in North Carolina.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler told a Senate environment committee in early 2019:

‘(Trump) is focused on putting Americans first. There may be no better example than our success in the Superfund program.

‘We are in the process of cleaning up some of the nation’s largest, most complex sites and returning them to productive use.’

However, two former officials who have dealt with Superfund oversight say the growing backlog of stalled Superfund projects paints a different picture.

This was reported one year ago and still continues to be true.

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