Pompous Pompeo Snaps At Reporter Over War Crimes Question


Kansas is safe from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, unless a person would count his ultra-conservative alt-right extreme-hawkishness. The former representative has been pursuing his political ambitions, but he got caught in Donald Trump’s inescapable web of destruction and lies. Apparently, it seems that Pompeo is very sensitive to questions about war crimes.

The Vox reporter Aaron Rupar caught the secretary getting his back up and trying to defend Trump’s attraction to war crimes:

‘POMPEO defends Trump threatening to commit war crimes in Iran with deflection: “Let me tell you who has done damage to the Persian culture … it’s the Ayatollah … the real risk to Persian culture does not come from the United States of America.”‘

Veteran reporter for MSNBC Andrea Mitchell has rarely appeared at press conferences, but war loomed large after Trump’s threats to target 52 Iranian cultural sites — an indescribably terrible war crime. She indicated that Defense Secretary Mark Esper had said the U.S. would not go after the cultural sties:

‘I’m wondering whether you would also push back in your advice or in your role?’

Pompeo cut her off and would not let her finish her questions. by rudely talking over her. He said:

‘You’re not really wondering. You’re not really wondering.’

Twitter world caught fire. Check out how some of these Americans decided to respond to Pompeo snapping at Mitchell shown below:

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