Trump-Inspired QAnon Mom Arrested For Kidnapping Plot


In the solemn Montana setting, an undercurrent of madness was cutting a pathway for a far-right conspiracy theorist to act. As Donald Trump has expressed his unbalanced ideas to his followers at his campaign rallies, that spark of insanity has ignited the alt-right ranks and moved them to take unstable actions.

A Parker, Colorado mother was just arrested for her plot to kidnap her own child. She had been taken from her mother in a “raid” with the assist of a far-right conspiracy theory group.

A spokesperson for the Parker police arrested Cynthia Abcug, 50 in Montana on December 30. She was charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping.

That warrant for the Colorado woman had been issued in September. Her child’s caseworker notified authorities, because the child indicated that, according to 9 News in Colorado:

‘[Her mom had] lots of weapons in her home [and an] armed man was living there.’

Abcug’s one daughter was living with her. The child also said that her mother had “a plan to kidnap Abcug’s other child.” That child had already been taken from Abcug, the warrant indicated.

Abcug’s daughter said her mother “had gotten into some conspiracy theories” and was “spiraling down.” Then, the child living with her mother dropped the bomb. She said her mother “was planning a raid…intended to kidnap” her other child.

The woman’s daughter thought this raid was going to be done by people in the QAnon group. The PPD warrant indicated that QAnon was “a far-right conspiracy theory group detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged deep state against President Donald Trump and his supporters.” News of various kidnappings had been all over the media in Colorado, so the concept could have been bubbling below the surface in Abcug’s mind.

According to the PPD warrant, Abcug was worried that:

‘[P]eople would be injured in the raid [because] those people are evil Satan worshipers.’

The child told her caseworker:

‘[She] could not understand why her mother did not see how this was a bad thing.’

The daughter living with her mother added that her mother had quit therapy several months earlier.

After Abcug skipped the emergency custody hearing, canceled her interview with investigators, and refused to take their phone calls, this other daughter was removed from Abcug.

Last month, the PPD arrested Abcug. However, she posted a bond and was not in custody, according to the PPD.

The warrant indicated that Abcug was well-known to the PPD, because they had investigated her once before. In that case, the victim’s name was redacted, and the trail went cold there. The PPD investigation in Abcug was:

‘[For] factitious disorder imposed on another and medical child abuse.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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