Trump Tweets Tuesday Saudi Arabia Announcement Distraction


The Secretary of Defense Mark Esper had a press conference on Tuesday where he graciously invited the Iranians to dial down the threat of war. This after the U.S. killed one of Iran’s top leaders, Gen. Qassem Suleimani, who was the commander of the elite Quds Force.

Someone sent the Iranians a letter stating that the U.S. was pulling out. Then, the White House reneged on that and insisted we were remaining in Iraq. The Iranians sent a message to the White House basically saying “get your stuff together. This is  a very delicate time, so be careful.”

Trump tweeted about a meeting he had with the Saudis. Well, that was nice, wasn’t it? POTUS could not do a better job of wrecking everything the U.S. stands for and leaving the country a smoldering wreck. The president said in his tweet:

Had a very good meeting with @kbsalsaud of Saudi Arabia. We discussed Trade, Military, Oil Prices, Security, and Stability in the Middle East!’

The Iranian leadership appointed Brig. Gen. Ismail Qaani to succeed Gen. Suleimani. The new leader according to The Washington Post:

‘[V]owed to continue his predecessor’s work and exepl the United States from the Middle East.’

Qaani was Soleimani’s deputy and worked side-by-side with him as they produced proxy forces throughout the Middle East. He said:

‘We promise to continue down martyr Soleimani’s path as firmly as before with the help of God, and in return for his martyrdom we aim at getting rid of America from the region.’

Twitter world exploded as chaos surrounded Donald Trump worldwide. Take a look at how people responded to being on the verge of war below:

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