Trump Commits Hilarious Thursday Blunder On National TV (VIDEO)


The president just said something so stupid that it totally tops the last stupid thing he said, which was this morning when he called 401k’s 409k’s on his Twitter page. Trump was ridiculed over that as well, and apparently figured he’d go two for two. He even upped the ante and decided to make this hilarious error on television.

Look at what Trump just said during a Thursday morning press conference in which he expressed phony outrage at what’s happening in Iran.

Trump said:

“You know what bothers me? When I see a Nancy pelosi trying to defend this monster from Iran who’s killed so many people, who so badly, I mean, so many people are walking around now WITHOUT legs and without arms.”

Actress Debra Messing of Will & Grace fame has been a longtime outspoken critic of the president, so it’s no surprise that she is flaming the comedy fire on Twitter right now, and garnering quite a response from her fans.

Check out what people are saying in the comment thread of Messing’s tweet below: