Trump Severely Mocked After Hilarious Mental Lapse On Twitter


The president has had a busy morning of tweeting and doing little else, and apparently the president didn’t eat his Wheaties this morning because he had a really embarrassing moment Thursday when trying to brag about the economy.

The president isn’t a man who is used to doing things himself. He has always had “people” who do things for him. People who drive for him, people who read for him, people who mail things for him, and people who make his phone calls. That being said, it’s only natural that the president would flub very commonly-known terminology that average Americans over the age of 18 understand.

That could be the reason Trump just asked Americans how their 409K’s are doing. The tweet has since been deleted, but below is a screenshot of the original:

People immediately started making fun of the president on Twitter, so if you’re looking for a bit of fun, head on over to Twitter to let the president know just how stupid he truly is. Check out the responses on Twitter below: