Trump Fans Flip Out After Doug Collins Apologizes For Lying


President Donald Trump has been cultivating his political base following his abruptly ordered assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. According to an analysis noted this week by The New York Times, his campaign has run 800 ads and counting on Facebook alone that highlight the assassination in one way or another as some kind of testament to Trump’s leadership — or something. This week, those riled up Trump supporters turned out en masse after the House Judiciary Committee’s top Republican (and prominent Trump ally) Doug Collins (Ga.) apologized for a lie he told about Democrats earlier in the week. His apology, which he posted on Twitter, attracted some angry replies from Trump supporters who took it as some kind of weakness.

During a televised conversation with Fox host Lou Dobbs, Collins had claimed that Democrats “love terrorists” because of their opposition to Trump’s scorched earth approach including the assassination of Soleimani, which recklessly threw the U.S. into unnecessary danger. In at least initially about as straightforward of a way as possible, on Friday, Collins tweeted:

‘Let me be clear: I do not believe Democrats are in love with terrorists, and I apologize for what I said earlier this week.’

And some Trump supporters flipped, revealing themselves as entirely in support of the outrageous notion that their political opponents “love terrorists.”

One Twitter user railed:

‘But they are. They love terrorists and citizens of foreign nations more than US Citizens. Their words and policies make it clear.’

Another added:

‘Never apologize to the corrupt lib mob! They gave Iran access to billions of dollars knowing they would use $ toward expanding their influence and wave of terror. The left mourned the death of this radical terrorist like he was a celebrity. They’re not on the side of America.’

None of that is true. Terror attacks from Iran-backed forces went down following the Iran nuclear deal, which included the lifting of sanctions and subsequent return of some Iranian assets to the country. There was no pay-off like that Twitter user and many others allege.

Still, Republican opponents to Collins’ basic apology railed on and on — and their posts attracted plenty of likes and retweets, too, indicating a core of rabid ideological militarism within the GOP.

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