Ivanka Publicly Tweets To Jared & Immediately Regrets It


The Trumps would seemingly desperately like to ingratiate themselves with the average American and appear, uh, normal — but outside of the already in-place rabid base of supporters for President Donald Trump’s often brazenly racist agenda, that’s not happening. This week, Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump posted a birthday message on Twitter to her husband (and fellow presidential adviser) Jared Kushner, but it’s not like everyone just looked the other way and said, oh, how nice! Ivanka has been an accomplice in some of her father’s most brazen activity. She’s been right there in the administration.

She tweeted:

‘Happy birthday Jared! Thank you for making each day lighter, brighter, and full of happiness!’

Meanwhile, the Trump administration in which both of them are complicit hasn’t exactly made life brighter and more full of happiness for those unlucky enough to come into contact with it! Examples include the high-profile, punitive separations of immigrant families that the Trump administration enacted (and the president specifically praised) along with the White House’s other attempts to block basic provisions from asylum seekers and immigrants in general. When presented with the chance to proclaim her opposition to family separation during a recent Face The Nation interview, Ivanka didn’t even take it — instead, she simply said that immigration policy was not her responsibility.

One Twitter user suggested in response to Ivanka’s tweet that she’s like Eva Braun, who was a family member of Adolf Hitler who palled around with him while he committed his heinous atrocities.

Many others had similar criticism for the attempted government leader. In reality, Ivanka and Jared have presided over many failed policy attempts — remember when Kushner was laughably tasked with leading efforts at a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? — and they’ve had only the most basic success. Ivanka, for example, has been involved with providing workforce training opportunities to millions of Americans — which is not the same thing as providing her millions of jobs, as she and her father have both completely erroneously claimed she’s done.

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