Obama Tweets Inspirational Weekend Message Like Our True Leader


While President Donald Trump remains squarely focused on what absolutely ridiculous insult he can dream up to throw at his political opponents less, serious issues like climate change continue to rock the United States and world. Ongoing climate volatility has sparked massive fires in Australia that, throughout recent months, have destroyed fifteen million acres and counting, and that destruction has resulted in the deaths of an estimated hundreds of millions of animals and at least 25 people. Trump has often questioned the validity of reports about climate change, but this past week, former President Barack Obama used his Twitter presence to sound an alarm.

He pointed people to those Australia fires, which have forced massive evacuations in addition to the loss of life and land. He included a link to a story from New York magazine titled “Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the Future.”

Obama added:

‘The catastrophic fires in Australia are the latest example of the very real and very urgent consequences of climate change. It’s on us to stay focused and protect the one planet we’ve got for the next generation.’

He also added a link to a page on the Obama Foundation website that outlines ways to help those afflicted by the fires and some steps that activists have already taken. As the high-profile former president put it:

‘Here’s the thing: Even with problems of this magnitude, each of us can still find a way to make change. That’s why I’m proud of young people like Alice Mahar, a environmental activist in Melbourne. Read about her and find ways you can help, too.’

When in office, Obama attempted to bring the U.S. into the fold of global action against climate change via signing onto the Paris climate accord, which included commitments for signatory countries to dial back their greenhouse gas emissions, among other things. In a huff over the supposed negative effect of that deal on U.S. business, Trump abruptly moved to withdraw the United States from the agreement. Under Trump’s administration, emissions of dangerous greenhouse gas in the United States actually temporarily went up.

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