Pelosi Owns Trump/GOP During ABC Sunday Appearance


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has indicated that she’ll be sending the House’s impeachment case to the Senate for a trial this week, which will follow a lengthy delay in which Democrats advocated for fairness in that trial. Their aims have included testimony from key witnesses and the production of evidence, so that even if Republicans vote down the case and acquit the president, Trump will still face public accountability for his corruption. This weekend on ABC’s This Week with host George Stephanopoulos, Pelosi denounced Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for desperately trying to avert that accountability.

As she discussed, he joined a Republican effort to completely throw the impeachment case out whether or not the House even sends it, a move that would rest on questionable constitutional grounds at best. Pelosi insisted:

‘The fact is — one of the things that I think is really important and that I think people should be very aware of: very unusually, the leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has signed onto a resolution to dismiss the case… Dismissing is a cover-up. If they want to go that route, again — the Senators who are thinking now about whether to vote for witnesses or not, they will have to be accountable for not having a fair trial.’

Stephanopoulos asked why Democrats aren’t waiting for a court ruling on whether or not witnesses can testify even in defiance of the president’s wishes, to which Pelosi insisted:

‘Because it will be — how long do the courts take?.. We have confidence in our case… We do think there’s enough evidence to remove the president from office. But we’ve done our job. We have defended the Constitution of the United States. We would hope that the Senate would do so as well.’

That’s pretty direct! Trump has long been flipping out over Democrats daring to investigate him, and those freakouts aren’t likely to stop anytime soon. Asked if the House would consider subpoenaing witnesses who the Senate refused to target, Pelosi said she’d wait and see what the Senate does — and she gave the same reply when asked if the House might file more articles of impeachment against the president.

Sought witnesses include former Trump national security adviser John Bolton, who’s said he’s willing to testify in the Senate if subpoenaed but who Trump suggested recently he’d try and keep from appearing via invoking executive privilege. Trump has long contorted that concept outside of its original bounds.

As Pelosi pointedly summarized:

‘I don’t like to spend too much time on his crazy tweets because everything he says is a projection. When he calls somebody crazy, he knows that he is.’

McConnell has indicated that he’s preparing to delay the question of whether or not to hear from witnesses until after opening arguments and initial questions from Senators for House impeachment case managers, who have not been publicly named yet but will be soon. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have indicated that they’re preparing to procedurally force votes on whether or not to hear from witnesses before the trial begins, which will force Senators to — as Pelosi indicates — go on the record with their support or lack thereof for actual legitimacy in the trial.

At the end of last week, Republican Senator Susan Collins (Maine) said that she was working with a small group of Senators to ensure that witnesses were heard from at the trial, but how that pans out remains to be seen.