Trump Finishes Watching Sunday TV & Has Pelosi Induced Freakout


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been driving Donald Trump slowly apoplectic by refraining to pass the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate. Is it any coincidence that Trump took out the top military man in Iran and pushed America right next to World War III? The real question is: What will POTUS do before the Senate hearing begins? Hints of the answers can be found in his tweets.

Trump tweeted directly to the Iranian leader, perhaps unaware that would be an insult correspondence. Instead, he should have sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or Vice President Mike Pence in person to negotiate. He told Americans this is what he said:

‘Addressing Iran’s leaders: Don’t kill your protesters. Thousands have been killed or imprisoned so far, and the world is watching. More importantly, the United States is watching. Reconnect the Internet and let reporters move freely! Stop killing the great people of Iran!’

Get this, here was proof of what Trump’s people said he tweeted, and it included a few very significant differences:

‘Addressing Iran’s leaders [To the leaders of Iran]: Don’t [Do not] kill your protesters. Thousands have been killed or imprisoned [by you] so far, and the world is watching. More importantly, the United States [USA] is watching. [Turn on] Reconnect the Internet and let reporters move [roam free!] freely! Stop [the] killing [of] the [your] great Iranian people! people of Iran!’

The president tweeted a huge lie, one that said the USA gave the Irainies $150 billion-plus to Iran.” In truth, that was Iranian money America had frozen:

John Kerry got caught essentially admitting that funds given ridiculously to Iran were used to fund attacks on the USA. Only a complete fool would have given that 150 Billion Dollars Plus to Iran. They then went on a Middle East Rampage! @foxandfriends @PeteHegseth’

Then Trump claimed that the Nuclear Agreement had “no relation to reality.” Possibly he noticed that otherworldliness in himself:

‘Michael Goodwin, New York Post: “Trump’s peace through strength philosophy is what America needs. His (John Kerry) claim bears no relation to reality. The Agreement didn’t create opportunities for America & other signatories to confront Iran’s malign activities. It overlooked….’

Donald Trump wrote more The New York Post opinion writer Michael Goodwin’s opinion piece:

‘….and then helped to fund them…And zero progress was made on curbing those activities, until Trump droned Soleimani…Plainly, Trump is not a warmonger. He’s a deal maker & his record is that of someone who uses our military might as a deterrent, unleashes it with….’

POTUS really liked Goodwin:

‘….discretion, and only as a last resort.” Thank you to the great Michael Goodwin. Could not have said it better myself!’

Then, Trump went after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as ‘so weak.’ Or did he really mean that he was “so weak?” Check it out:

‘“Pelosi has made a mockery of Impeachment. Her Articles are so weak. But more importantly, she thought she could extort the Senate. She couldn’t.”@GreggJarrett

@foxandfriends The Do Nothing Democrats are really run by the Radical Left. Too bad!’

Next “Watters ‘Words’ went after the impeachment trial, too”
Of course, the president’s private attorney starred for Trump who agreed it was “phony impeachment hoax:”

‘Great idea. This phony Impeachment Hoax should not even be allowed to proceed. Did NOTHING wrong. Just a partisan vote. Zero Republicans. Never happened before!’

Jumping from one subject to another, the president nicknamed the Speaker “Nervous Nancy:”

‘Why did Nervous Nancy allow corrupt politician Shifty Schiff to lie before Congress? He must be a Witness, and so should she!’

He was really concerned about “the stigma of impeachment attacked to my name:”

the stigma of Impeachment attached to my name when I did NOTHING wrong? Read the Transcripts! A totally partisan Hoax, never happened before. House Republicans voted 195-0, with three Dems voting with the Republicans. Very unfair to tens of millions of voters!’

The president must have thought sending the tweet in Farsi would substitute for diplomacy:

خطاب به رهبران ايران: معترضان خود را نكشيد. هزاران تن تاكنون به دست شما كشته يا زنداني شده اند، و جهان نظاره گر است. مهمتر از ان، ايالات متحده نظاره گر است. اينترنت را دوباره وصل كنيد و به خبرنگاران اجازه دهيد ازادانه حركت كنند! كشتار مردم

Here is the evidence of Trump’s alternative tweet:

Twitter world went wild. Check out how they responded to POTUS below:
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