Dem Who Switched Parties Loses Campaign Manager To Opponent


What happens when Donald Trump seduces a congressman? Representative Jeff Van Drew formerly (D-NJ) waivered in his support to remove the president from office. He changed his “D” into an “R,” and this is what happened.

When Van Drew switched parties, he headed to the White House to meet with the big honcho. In the meantime, his campaign manager decided to jump ship and went to work for his boss’s Democratic challenger.

Joshua Roesch decided to go to work for Van Drew’s opponent, Amy Kennedy (D). Of course, he knows a significant amount about his former boss’ campaign strategy. Too bad for Van Drew.

Roesch signed on with Amy Kennedy who is the wife of the former Representative Patrick Kennedy — yes, he is a member of the Kennedy clan. Her new campaign manager admired her as:

‘[A] public school teacher, mental health advocate, and a mom of 5 that will never stop fighting for [South Jersey.]’

One of Kennedy’s campaign lines about Van Drew has been he “pledged loyalty to Trump:”

‘Amy Kennedy, the wife of ex-Rep. Patrick Kennedy is vying to oust Jeff Van Drew, the former Democratic congressman who pledged loyalty to Trump.’

Roesch tweeted about why he left Van Drew and joined Kennedy:

‘@CongressmanJVD turned his back on South Jersey families. This week I signed on to work for @AmyKennedy715, a public school teacher, mental health advocate, and mom of 5 that will never stop fighting for SJ. #NJ02 Help us out.’

As early as the middle of October, Representative Francis Rooney (R-FL) was doubting the Republican lockstep march to save Donald Trump’s job. Then, he got a call from a local  Floridia GOP leader. He was told to “get in line behind Trump — or get out of Congress.”

Democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew waivered about impeaching Donald Trump. It was no surprise that he got a call from a major New Jersey district party chair. He was told in no uncertain terms, that he should support the commander-in-chief.

Rooney told The USA Today Newspaper:

‘There’s very little can be accomplished of any consequenceAnd meanwhile, the country’s got great problems. We’re really good at renaming post offices and moving land around among Indian tribes. But not so good about solving the bigger problems that face the United States.’

Kennedy tweeted about her brand-new Republican campaign manager:

‘Jeff Van Drew made a decision to abandon South Jersey, embracing the politics of hate and pledging allegiance to Trump. That’s not our way. When trump (sic) comes to town in a few weeks, we’ll show the country Democrats in South Jersey are unified.’

Then, she continued, saying she was “so excited” Roesch had become her new manager:

‘So excited to announce my new campaign manager @joshuadro, who was born and raised in the district and had a pretty interesting job before this. #NJPol’

One voter was not happy with Van Drew and wanted a refund:

‘I think that anyone who contributed to his election campaign should demand a refund. It’s highly unlikely anyone will ever see one but it will drive the point home that he probably shouldn’t get too comfortable in his position.’

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has frozen any bills from the House at the Senate doorway. He has been leaving the entire co-equal legislative body with no sign of defrosting from its frozen lock-step stance behind Trump.
Twitter world went crazy over this upside-down backward approach to politics. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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