Obama Tweets About Oscar Nomination While Trump Stews


Donald Trump has been busy all morning on Twitter, misspelling commonly used words and just acting like a general ass. Trump seems extra angry this morning, leading some to believe that it is the announcement of the Obamas’ Academy Award nomination Monday morning that has him in such a tizzy.

While Trump hasn’t mentioned Obama by name, you just know this tweet from Barack has The Donald furious:

Even former First Lady Michelle Obama got in on the Oscar buzz via her Instagram page. Check her out below:

The Obamas are up against some pretty staunch competition. Here are a list of the people/groups they are up against:

Trump has been raging all morning at Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi. Check out some of what he’s said below:

People responding to Obama’s tweet were full of love and happiness for the former first couple, a stark contrast to what Trump’s comment threads look like. We saved the best comments for you below: