UK Defense Secretary Says US Is No Longer A Reliable Ally


Mr. Trump’s unpredictable nature and most recent military actions against Iran are heavily impacting the rest of the world, so much that our country’s trusted allies are beginning to turn on us.

In a recent interview, Britain’s defense secretary Ben Wallace said that Trump cannot be counted on to a reliable ally. Wallace said:

‘I worry if the United States withdraws from its leadership around the world. That would be bad for the world and bad for us. We plan for the worst and hope for the best.’

According to The UK Times:

‘Britain must prepare to fight wars without America, the defence secretary has warned, amid concerns that President Donald Trump will pursue an ever more isolationist foreign policy.

”In an interview with The Sunday Times, Ben Wallace admitted that the prospect of America withdrawing from the world “keeps me awake at night”.’

Wallace noted that Trump’s actions and statements are justification for launching a review of UK defense policy, which would be aimed at becoming less dependent on the United States.

Wallace pointed out:

‘Over the last year we’ve had the U.S. pull out from Syria, the statement by Donald Trump on Iraq where he said NATO should take over and do more in the Middle East. The assumptions of 2010 that we were always going to be part of a US coalition is really just not where we are going to be. We are very dependent on American air cover and American intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets. We need to diversify our assets.’

Even though this clip is from two years ago, it is even more true now.

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