‘About 10’ GOP Senators To Block Trump’s War Powers


The president recently tried to thrust America, and most of the world, into the third world war when he assassinated a powerful and beloved military leader in Iran without the consent of Congress. Trump murdered General Soleimani for no other reason than he needed people to stop talking about the crimes he’s committed as president.

Over time, Republicans have been standoffish when it comes to criticizing the president’s moves, either making no statements about them, or pretending they aren’t happening in general. Now, however, the tides appear to be turning because as many as ten GOP senators are now considering bucking the president’s war powers.

According to former VP candidate Tim Kaine, “Probably about 10” could vote to reduce the president’s powers to start a war. Kaine said, “There’s good discussion going on.”

Only a handful of Republicans have come forth so far to say that the stunt Trump pulled in Iran was beyond dangerous, including senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, who publicly condemned the move.

Lee says that he’s flabbergasted as to why anyone would vote against a measure that ensures the president get Congress’ approval before taking any more action in Iran. Lee said:

That is a perfectly unremarkable statement. The fact that this would be objectionable to anyone in either political party is really saying something.”

Senator Todd Young on Indiana said this:

“I want to make sure that anything I vote on makes clear that the president maintains his Article II prerogatives and also that it does not contain any political content.”

Wednesday, the president said that Iran was standing down, which is probably exactly what Iran wants Donald Trump to think, but the country is nowhere near safe as long as Trump is president. Chuck Schumer reminded us that this isn’t necessarily over, saying:

“Iran can strike us in other ways in the months ahead, through cyber warfare, proxies or established terror networks that have destabilized the Middle East for decades.”

“The Senate must not allow the president to proceed unchecked. Sen. Kaine’s war powers resolution is needed now more than ever.”

Mitch McConnell lended his own interpretation of what is happening in Iran, and it is about as delusional as one could imagine. McConnell knows Iranians aren’t happy about Soleimani’s death, yet he badly wants us to believe that they are.

McConnell said:

“Thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets to celebrate Soleimani’s death, condemn the regime’s domestic repression, call for regime change in Tehran.”

“I look forward to hearing my colleagues who want to quibble over the word ‘imminent’ explain just how close we should let terrorists come to killing more Americans before we defend ourselves. I assure you, if the president had not acted to disrupt a deadly attack, I’m confident these same critics would have blasted him for failing to protect American lives.”