Awkward Donald/Melania Interaction Caught On Camera (VIDEO)


The president and his beloved wife have had many public disputes that end with the president left looking stupid. Melania probably pays dearly for her actions behind closed doors, but it’s obviously very worth it to her, regardless. Over the years that Trump has been president, there have been many awkward videos of Melania dissing Trump, mainly by pulling her hand away from his, and it’s happened once again.

At the LSU-Clemson football game, Donald and Melania took the field for the National Anthem, and the look on Melania’s face said everything about just how badly her husband was getting on her nerves at that moment.

At one point, Melania pulled her hand away from Donald, which left him to act very awkwardly for the cameras he knew were watching very closely. Check her out below:

People went ballistic immediately online, as it’s been a while since Melania was angry enough to embarrass the president in public. They also took aim at the garbage bag the first lady was wearing. Check out the top responses to the video below: