Video Of Russian & Syria Leaders Laughing At Trump Goes Viral


Donald Trump is a joke around the world. Time after time, world leaders have used him as the butt of their jokes. Yet, POTUS has been notoriously thin-skinned. When President Barack Obama roasted the president at the Correspondences Dinner with a couple of jokes, that moment the real estate mogul decided to run for election and destroy everything Obama ever did. So far, Trump has done some serious damage to 44’s legacy.

Last week Russia’s President Vladimir Putin dropped in on the Syrian leader Basha al-Assad. Then, a video of them laughing at Trump surfaced on Russian television.

The video was tweeted out for the world to see.:

‘Assad about the road to Damascus, on which the apostle Paul became a Christian: If Trump goes along this road, everything will become normal with him right away. Putin: Invite him, he will come. Assad: I’m ready. Putin: I’ll tell him’

‘Асад о дороге в Дамаск, на которой стал христианином апостол Павел: Если Трамп по этой дороге проедет, сразу станет с ним все нормально. Путин: Пригласите его, он приедет. Асад: Я готов. Путин: Я ему передам’

Interesting that Putin filled the absence that Trump created by pulling out of Syria and abandoned the U.S.’s important allies, the Kurds.



The video of these leaders were at the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in Damascus. Assad tells Putin about the apostle Paul who became a Christian at the gate of Damascus, then he joked, according to Axios:

‘If Trump arrives along this road, everything will become normal with him too.’


Then Putin laughed and said:

‘It will be repaired … invite him. He will come.’

Then Assad said he was ready to issue the American president an invitation. Putin said:

‘I will tell him.’

Дмитрий Смирнов


The joke may have lost something in translation.

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