Women’s Support For Bernie Goes Viral Amid Warren Controversy


As the Democratic presidential primary race continues to heat up, CNN claimed this week that Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in 2018 that he thought a woman running for president could not win. Sanders has bluntly denied this claim — but Warren backed up the CNN report, ducking out at the end of her statement about the issue with an insistence that after lighting that metaphorical match, she would not be commenting any further. Women on Twitter filled in the gap with their support for Sanders, and this Tuesday, the hashtag “#WomenforBernie” promptly rose among Twitter’s trending topics.

Among the top posts as of Tuesday evening was a tweet from Sanders campaign national co-chair Nina Turner, who wrote:

‘True feminism is rooted in humanism. It goes far beyond equal protection under the law. It means society must do its part in affording us the dignity to make critical choices on our own behalves. That is why I and so many other of my beautiful sisters are #WomenForBernie’

She made that post as a direct reply to a video that’s been viewed a million and a half times and counting that shows Sanders, in 1988, publicly insisting that he believed a woman could be elected U.S. president. That simply does not square with the Warren camp’s claim of some kind of sexism from the popular Senator.

On Tuesday, the Sanders campaign’s national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray noted:

‘More women have given to Bernie’s campaign than any other campaign. We have the most diverse, least white collation.’

Activist Stephanie Quilao added the more personal perspective:

I’m a Filipina woman of color and most of my life I’ve been told you don’t get a seat at the table. @BernieSanders is the first politician whose ever said to me, the system is rigged against you and here’s how we’ll change that. He gave me a seat at the table.’

And the expressions of support go well on from there. Sanders and Warren are set to meet on a debate stage in Iowa this Tuesday night. It’s unclear whether the simply unfounded allegations of sexism may come up.

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