Pathetic Trump Begs For ‘Thank You’ From Bank On Twitter


Donald Trump may be sailing on the very dangerous edge of being a “stable genius,” as he describes himself. POTUS bragged about the “incredible” earnings in the American economy. He spoke as if he had gotten his hands dirty digging up the good news. The head of asset and wealth management for the biggest bank in the country JP Morgan Chase CEO Mary Callahan Erdoes stood with him. Voters are used to the president’s odd behavior. Then, he did something really creepy.

First, the American president signed a “phase one” perhaps momentous trade deal with China. Then, he turned to the banker and said:

‘They just announced earnings, and they were incredible. They were very substantial. Will you say, “Thank you, Mr. President,’ at least, huh?”’

Senior writer for The American Independent Oliver Willis tweeted out the video evidence of the president’s strange behavior:

‘Trump tells JP Morgan Chase CEO Mary Erdoes to say “thank you, Mr President” for their most recent earnings report and adds that his administration “made a lot of bankers look very good.”‘

When the president moved into the White House, one of his most important goals was to tear down everything that his predecessor President Barack Obama had accomplished, regardless of how much it undermined these United States.

That included blowing up NAFTA, although that was designed and implemented by President Bill Clinton. Then, when people bandaged up the wounded NAFTA and slapped a new name on it, Trump could have a celebration ceremony.

He started a trade war with China, and following that pattern, he celebrated. The deal with Beijing meant $200 billion more exports from America for over two years. The tariffs on $120 billion of Chinese goods would be cut in half. However, the 25 percent-tariff on another $250 billion of imports will remain.

Twitter world was stunned for a brief moment then the people began to respond, and did they ever. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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