Protesters Arrested In Senate Building Near McConnell’s Location


All of the senators were on hand for the solemn event, kicking off the third impeachment trial against Donald J. Trump. People moved with the pace appropriate to the occasion, much like that of a wedding. The chaos of Trump has been more like that which occurs when people call out “fire!.”

Thursday, not long after the event began with all the weight of history, protestors took a portion of the Russel Senate Office Building. They were representatives of the left-leaning Women’sMarch, March for Truth, and Indivisible. The cameras caught them where tthey typically go for a Senate hearing’ backdrop. They were associated with Remove Trump.

Screen-Shot-2020-01-16-at-5.18.11-PM Protesters Arrested In Senate Building Near McConnell's Location Featured Impeachment Top Stories Videos Women's Rights

They moved silently unfurling a flag with the words “Remove Trump,” according to Twitter. Then, they raised their voices in a chant. They continued marching toward the Senate majority leade’s office, the Tennessee senator Mitch McConnell (R).

Capitol Police met the group, although it was difficult to tell whether any of the group had been arrested at that point. For some reason, the police went after an 85-year-old woman with a disability. The police also had to handle other protesters

Videos and images on social media showed Capitol Police confronting the demonstrators, though it was unclear if any of them were arrested at that point. In one image, Capitol Police allegedly singled out a disabled 85-year-old woman as they attempted to defuse another group of protesters in the Hart Senate Office Building.

Eventually, the Capitol Police arrested half a dozen people. They charged them with “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding the Russell building.: Following that, five additional people were arrested in the office Building, while most of the senators had left for the weekend.

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