Trump Yells At Jim Acosta For Asking About Lev Parnas (VIDEO)


The president knows that his future will not be easy from this point, and he seems to be angry at the wrong people, as per the usual. Trump knows that reporters’ sole purpose is to report the goings on inside the White House and in relation to the president, yet he is shocked and shaken every time one of them asks him a straightforward question about his criminal activity.

That’s exactly what happened Thursday afternoon when CNN’s Jim Acosta asked him about Lev Parnas’ claim that Trump’s withholding of Ukrainian aid was “all about 2020.”

Check out the video of Trump snapping below:

Acosta tweeted the following about the interaction:

A White House correspondent for Huffington Post also tweeted about the incident:

As did Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ballhaus:

People on Twitter who commented on Acosta’s tweet stood behind the veteran journalist in his attempts to get the president to slip up on camera. You can see the tp comments left in the thread below via screenshot: