Kushner Family Member Disses Trump On TV (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has pretty much alienated every human on the planet from wanting to enter his family, which is why it’s so shocking that his kids can still get dates. At least his three oldest were already married when Trump became president and had his dirty laundry aired to the world. Now, being associated with Trump is a very bad thing, and even members of the Kushner family are speaking out to let people know that they want nothing to do with the current president of the United States.

Karlie Kloss is an American model who just so happens to be married to Jared Kushner’s brother, Joshua Kushner. Thursday night, Kloss went on Watch What Happens Live when she admitted that she would not be voting for Donald Trump this year.

Kloss said:

“I voted as a Democrat in 2016, and I plan to do the same thing in 2020.”

She continued:

“I’m sure I’m not the only person in this country who does not necessarily agree with their family on politics.”

Check out the video below:

According to a CBS report:

Host Andy Cohen first asked Kloss about an incident that aired about two weeks ago on “Project Runway,” a show Kloss hosts. The contestants were tasked with designing a dress for Kloss, and when a judge pointed to one and said he could “not see Karlie wearing that anywhere,” the designer had a snarky response: “Not even to dinner with the Kushners?”

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CBS continued:

Fellow designers panicked and the judges gasped — it seemed no one could believe the contestant brought up the Kushners in front of Kloss. In the moment, Kloss told the contestant the challenge was to design a dress she’d wear in Paris. “That was your challenge here. Keep it to the challenge,” she said.

The contestant apologized but was eliminated from the show — and the clip of the incident went viral. Kloss told Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” that she was honored that the viral clip made her one of the first memes of the decade.

People responding to the Twitter video above were torn between loving Kloss and despising everything she stands for. Check out the best comments below: