Trump Has Angry Morning Twitter Freakout About 2020 Elections


President Donald Trump is continuing to take even the very existence of his opponents ridiculously poorly. This Friday morning, he took to Twitter to lash out at interests including the Government Accountability Office, former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential primary candidate Mike Bloomberg, and others. The Government Accountability Office! Trump has gone so far down the rabbit hole that he’s openly alleging that a government agency whose sole purpose is providing for “accountability” is actively conspiring against him.

His criticism of the office stems from their ruling this week that the Trump administration violated the law via delaying the release of military aid that Congress had designated for Ukraine. That delay was meant as leverage in the president’s plot to get Ukraine to investigate his opponents. Rather than admit even the slightest wrongdoing, he’s alleging conspiracy. (And to be clear, he claimed the House is behind the office’s actions, but it’s a Senator who requested the investigation that just concluded.) In a similar fashion, he lashed out against the impeachment proceedings against him, posting that they’re a “joke.”

And finally, for some reason he decided to whine about Mike Bloomberg. The former New York City mayor is not a frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary, although he has — like all the other candidates — aimed his campaign messaging directly at Trump. The president just seems wildly unable to weather even the slightest criticism, no matter the source. We’ve got a narcissistic egomaniac in the Oval Office.

Check out some of his other retweets below. They include — strangely enough — a post from all the way back in 2016. That retweet mirrors the recent occasion on which he was photographed with a map marking the counties that he won in the 2016 election. He’s so desperate and self-centered that he’s resorting to this again. More than three years later, it remains in his center of attention.

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