Conservative Journo Mocks GOP Senator For Attack On CNN Reporter


This past week, Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally made headlines when she mockingly dismissed a CNN reporter as a “liberal hack” — a debacle that she promptly began to use in fundraising pitches trying to get conservatives to donate to her. Now, even the conservative journalist Bill Kristol, who founded the right-wing publication the Weekly Standard, has joined in the chorus of those pointing out the utter absurdity of McSally’s behavior. The reporter who McSally targeted — CNN’s Manu Raju — had just been simply and straightforwardly trying to ask her a question about new evidence relevant to Trump’s impeachment trial.

Kristol tweeted:

‘McSally calling a reporter a “liberal hack” for asking a question, and then taking high fives from today’s “conservatives” for doing so, tempts me to say: If it’s liberal to hold public officials in our liberal democracy accountable for doing their job, then I guess I’m liberal.’

In reality, he’s on to something here. Although the president and his shills love to shout to high heaven about the supposed deep state/media/Democratic conspiracy against him, all that’s unfolding is basic fact-finding. They’re having these freakouts in response not only to just basic journalism but also attempts to get at the truth in general. They must think that revealing the truth of what they’re doing would (or could) harm their standing with people.

Indeed — the evidence for the very conspiratorial basis of their own behavior goes on from there. During a conversation with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, McSally melodramatically claimed:

‘Obviously I’m going to tell the truth, and I did it today and it’s laughable how they’ve responded.’

Nope — that’s not the nature of what happened. Shortly after numbers came out showing that her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly raised more than $2 million more than her in the fourth quarter of last year, she resorted to this desperate gambit, which was quickly catapulted into pushes for fundraising for McSally even from the Trump campaign itself. As shown by plenty of other examples like Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul’s recent admission that Senate Republicans wouldn’t vote for impeachment because of how it might harm their re-election chances, they’re engaging in brazen political maneuvering.

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