Trump Embarrassingly Celebrates 100 Measly Miles Of Border Wall


President Donald Trump is continuing to reshape the U.S. government according to his liking, and his shills are falling in line. This weekend, acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf revealed a silver plaque that had been put up to commemorate the completion of 100 miles of barriers along the southern U.S. border. A replica of the plaque was even apparently gifted to Trump himself, as the gross debacle of this administration making a show out of the violent antagonism of immigrants continues.

The wild thing is that much of those 100 miles of barriers seem to be just replacements for old fencing. And those replacements don’t really constitute a wall in any conventional sense of the term. The project consists of rows of steel bollards, meaning steel beams filled with a concrete-like mixture — and these barriers have already been sawed through by some smugglers. In other words, it’s a mess all around.

Nevertheless, Wolf proclaimed on Twitter:

‘Proud to deliver this to @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump this week on behalf of the men and women of U.S. Border Patrol and @USBPChiefYum. 101 miles of wall and counting!’

The plaque replica, which Wolf included an image of, includes a grossly deferential personal message to the president that sounds like border patrol agents are mob underlings trying to get on the boss’s good side or something.

The message melodramatically reads, in part:

‘The fight to ensure the rule of law on our borders is critical — Border Security is National Security… Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the Southwest Border Wall project.’

Blah, blah, blah — good to see that top brass at border patrol are avid partisans too! Those who oppose the president’s recklessly financially bloated wall project do not oppose the rule of law, because the two things are far from synonymous. Undocumented immigrants do not pose a documented security threat to the United States — their arrest rates are lower than those for native-born Americans, and crime along the southern border was low before Trump ever came along.

Those who oppose Trump’s wall oppose his reckless usurpation of billions of dollars in government funds and counting for a racism-based vanity project that’s already falling apart.

Check out Twitter’s response below…