Trump Spirals Out During Saturday Night Twitter Tirade


House impeachment managers filed a case brief ahead of Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial, which is set to begin in the Senate on Tuesday. They outlined their formal case against the president, explaining why it is necessary to remove him from office.

As the trial looms over his head, Trump seems to becoming more unhinged on Twitter on these days. On Saturday, Trump ranted about everything from the proposal to build a sea wall around New York, the “record breaking stock market,” and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

The Twitter world erupted with this:


In their briefing, the Democrats laid out the arguments they intend to make in 111 pages detailing why it is necessary for Trump to be removed from office.

According to ABC News:

‘The brief — written by the seven House managers — asserts that Trump’s scheme to withhold $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine in order to seek the announcement of a probe to benefit him politically was “the Framers’ worst nightmare.”‘

The filing also states:

‘An announcement of a Ukrainian investigation into one of his key political rivals would be enormously valuable to President Trump in his efforts to win reelection in 2020 — just as the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails had helped him in 2016.’

House managers said:

‘Ukraine’s announcement of that investigation would bolster the perceived legitimacy of his Presidency and, therefore, his political standing going into the 2020 race.’

In Saturday’s filing, Democrats argued that Mr. Trump poses an urgent threat to democracy and that his conduct with the Ukraine warrants removal from office now.